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A high-stakes thriller, quick page turning murder mystery and inspiring love story that takes a teenage girl on the adventure of her life.

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Elfri had done sketches of her dreams since she woke up from a bad one about a centipede when she was six, but she never thought about making a comic book out of them until she was at a library a few years later and discovered a book called The Strange World of Your Dreams—Comics Meet Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali.


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A rich orphan turns a deserted nudist colony into an innovative enterprise in the Oregon Alps called Ventures Nest.

Leon Bickford

An old money tycoon partners with Oliver in Ventures Nest while searching for his father’s assassin.

Reimer Gore

A homicidal maniac escapes from prison and goes on a deadly rampage with support from his sick criminal family.

Elfri Fleming

A seventeen year-old artist-entrepreneur uses her Dream Zoo comic books to teach children the power of lucid dreaming.

Don Quine

Don Quine is anAuthor, actor and sports promoter.

On television and in movies he’s been a cowboy, bank robber, and doctor. A featured actor in Peyton Place and The Virginian, he was a founder of the Professional Karate Association, and wrote American Karate, a Simon & Schuster book on self-defense.

The First in an Amazing Dream Series.



Rachael went on how Mine the Mind was different from any online contest she'd come across. "It's sponsored by this startup incubator called Ventures Nest. If you win the contest you get financial support with a summer program where they help you develop a pilot project for a startup bash held at the end of summer."



When Elfri walked into Strikes to Spare with the S2S bowling pin handle on the front door entrance, what struck her as strange was there was only two bowling lanes in the entire place, located at the far right, with manual pinsetters and visible ball returns.



The first lucid dream Elfri had came from using a series of drawings she’d done when she was nine of a wake-up rooster who would land at the foot of her bus bunk and let out crazy cockadoddle-doos at whatever time Elfri would tell him to wake her. She called him Tiempo Loco and gave him flashy feathers.



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